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Just enter the link of the product you desire with the quantity you want and wait for our reply.

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After we find the supplier providing the best quality and price of the item you requested, an email containing all the information will be sent to you.

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You can place your order by calling us, sending an email, or paying us a visit.

Receive Your Order

After you've confirmed your order, the products will be inspected during and after manufacturing, packed and shipped, without having to worry about taxes and customs clearance. A service of free warehousing up to 30 days is also available.

Our Services

These days finding an appropriate supplier, sourcing, and purchasing a product is just one click away. Our mission is to offer you the widest variety of high-quality products, all purchased from premium suppliers, at very affordable prices and fast delivery time. Get competitive pricing that doesn’t sacrifice service quality or reliability. 

Our backup of dedicated staff in China can guarantee the goods you have received are of high quality, so you don’t have to worry if the product you received meets the high-quality standards. Before any shipment, your order is always inspected aiming to help you reduce the purchasing risk with our experience and technologies.

Being able to design your packaging and designing your product in the most appealing and eye-catching designs, with many options out there you get to choose how your product is sealed packed, either from choosing the material ( paper, wood, or steel). After the main stages in the creative process, we produce a unique packaging that is perfectly adapted to your product and is fully oriented towards your clients.

Air Freight

Using air freight usually is to get your valuable goods on time and on budget, our team can guarantee this, having the expertise after many years of service and using reliable airlines and air freight carriers, is what you should be looking for.

Ocean Freight

Choosing ocean freight is the way to go when shipping a large number of products, choosing us to ship your goods is the right decision. Helping you choose your fit option from competitive up-to-date rates and ensuring you get your shipment on time for a more healthy supply chain.


Having warehouse options available in both Lebanon and China, you don't have to worry about your sourced or shipped products. We offer free warehousing for the first 30 days and distributing your products becomes easy with us being flexible to deliver your product to multiple locations.

Customs Clearance

Custom clearance made simple and easy having GZ Topstar on your side as your customs clearance broker by providing the papers and documentation needed on your behalf you’ve got nothing to worry about. All the required paperwork, supervision, loading, unloading, packaging, customs clearance, and final delivery become a seamless transition without burdening the client with additional administrative work.

Door to Door

Our professional team will work closely with your shipment to ensure that you get the most reliable and prompt service. Our Door to Door service is the perfect solution for all your distribution needs. You are guaranteed a timely, secure, professional, and worry-free consignment of your goods.